DisplayCraft Fabricates Custom Point-of-Purchase Displays for FSB North America

Eloquent design – Beauty in uncluttered forms – Elegance in straight lines, this is the vernacular we started from in designing the new custom point-of-purchase displays for FSB North America. FSB has grown to become one of the most noted design-driven enterprises in Germany, transforming the handle from a common item into a cultural asset.

Together DisplayCraft and FSB wanted to display the handles and locking systems as jewelry, like the perfect accent to the little black dress – Elegance. Inspired by the geometry found in the product, the shape emerged and provided both structure and a vertical stature to the display. The carousel allowed products to be displayed in a number of select interchangeable groups without clutter – Beauty in uncluttered forms.

In addition to the POP displays, DisplayCraft, assisted FSB in creating a 10’ x 20’ booth for ABEXPO Boston in 2014 as a launch for some of their new products here in the US.
The butterfly dye sub fabric backdrop image was selected from a series of sculptures created in Germany, using FSB components. The graphic was carefully chosen for its beauty and juxtaposition to the idea of hardware. Along with the fabric backdrop two of the custom kiosks were present at this first show.

Since ABEXPO, we have built additional kiosks that will showcase FSB products in retailers across the United States. We are pleased to continue to build a strong relationship with FSB.

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