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Trade show conventions are unique opportunities to market your business to large audiences specifically targeted to your industry. Additionally, experiential face-to-face marketing is regarded as one of the most effective ways to build business relationships and influence decisions. On a crowded trade show floor, distinguishing your company from the competition is critical for building brand awareness. In order to be successful, you must first create a positive impression that attracts attendees into your booth space. How your trade show exhibit design reflects your brand while engaging your audience can determine whether or not you reach your marketing objectives. Are you reaching your trade show goals and making the most of this opportunity? If not, we can help.

Trade Show Exhibit Design Strategy

At DisplayCraft, we believe that effective trade show booth design begins with a conversation—an exchange of ideas that evolves into a collaborative partnership. First, we’ll immerse ourselves in your brand, identity and culture while also discovering your unique product and service offerings. We’ll also get up to speed on your selling style, staffing preferences and booth feature requirements. Next, we’ll research your market and identify the competition we’ll be going up against; after all, we’re in this together. This critical information forms the foundation for our booth design strategy; however this is just the beginning.

While we can all agree that a company’s trade show booth should attract, engage and educate the audience, successful exhibit design is more than that. Each individual company’s trade show display needs vary; therefore one size does not fit all. Do you attend several trade shows and events throughout the year? Maybe you have a limited show schedule, or perhaps this is your very first event. The best exhibit designs start with a deep understanding of your trade show marketing objectives. So, we’ll ask the important questions and provide a design solution with your unique requirements in mind.

Our Exhibit Design Process

With over 60 years of experience, we understand that attending trade shows and events is a complicated endeavor. More often than not, the largest expenses are not the initial trade show exhibit design and build, rather the reoccurring costs associated with attending events throughout the year. Sure, trade show booth design should have a certain WOW factor; however, great booth design must balance visual aesthetics with economic efficiencies not immediately apparent.

The engineering of exhibit properties as a value generator is probably the most overlooked aspect of trade show booth design, and is something we take very seriously. As an experienced, full-service design and trade show management company that oversees event programs both large and small, we know the costs. Developing efficiencies during the design process is part of our culture and a value that our clients have come to rely on.

Trade Show Booth Design Options

DisplayCraft understands that because no two companies are the same, no two booth designs should look the same. Since each company’s trade show and event needs differ, an individualized tailored approach is most successful. We offer a full spectrum of display options to meet all of our clients’ requirements. Maybe the best solution to help your company stand out would be a complete custom exhibit design. Perhaps a modular booth design would give you the added flexibility you require. If budget is a concern, we also offer custom rental exhibits and booth leasing options that help alleviate the high costs of an exhibit purchase. Whatever your need, our consultative approach can help you find the answers. It all starts with a conversation…and we look forward to hearing from you.

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