20×60 Island Exhibit | Funrise

Funrise is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of toys. Their toy brands include BFF BRIGHT FAIRY FRIENDS™, GAZILLION®, MIGHTY FLEET™, FART NINJAS™, and RAINBOW BUTTERFLY UNICORN KITTY™, as well as licensed properties. For Toy Fair New York, Funrise collaborated with DisplayCraft to design and manufacture a 20×60 Island Exhibit.

The 20×60 trade show display design featured a single, controlled entrance. Two illuminated light boxes branded with logos defined the main reception entrance. In addition, a rustic accent wall with a 3-D logo created a backdrop for a simple custom reception counter and seating area. A colorful bridge header graphic featuring the Funrise brands indicated the entrance to the main exhibit interior.

The main exhibit interior consisted of 7 distinct merchandising areas along the perimeter. Each location included slat-walls with a back-wall counter—vibrant, colorful counter and header graphics defined each area. In addition, clear plexiglass shelves suspended Funrise’s toy collections on custom-printed slat-wall panels. Also, a double-sided monitor kiosk supplied video demonstrations for two casual seating areas. Finally, two private conference rooms and a storage room added to the space’s functionality.

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  • 20×60 Island Exhibit
  • AGAM NEXUS modular system
  • Tension fabric hanging sign
  • Lightboxes
  • Latex Printed Graphic Panels
  • Slatwall

SHOW: Toy Fair New York
VENUE: Javits Center