20×50 Island Exhibit | Systemair 

Systemair is a leading manufacturer of ventilation, heating, and air-conditioning products. For the International Builders’ Show, attendees experienced their brand through a 20×50 Island Exhibit replicating a small house.

The custom structure mimicked a house built in varying degrees of finish. On the exterior, a cutaway roof detailed ventilation products while they exited the home. Also, open rafters provided easy viewing of Systemair’s fans and ventilation systems on the interior. In addition, the open interior had a kitchen, bathroom, and dining/living area for displaying products in their natural environment. Some systems were fully functional for live demonstration where practical.

Highlighting the exterior, an expansive outdoor stone patio with a pergola, outdoor furniture, and green space drew visitors from the aisles. The casual meeting space allowed attendees to rest and participate in a more extensive group presentation. The resulting themed environment was an efficient space for experiencing the Systemair brand.

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  • 20×50 island exhibit
  • Fully functioning product displays
  • Open concept
  • Mimicked house build with cutaway details
  • Presentation area

SHOW: International Builders’ Show
VENUE: Orlando