20×30 Custom Rental Island Display | Balyo

At Promat, Balyo showcased their robotic technologies, systems, and services, with the help of a 20×30 Custom Rental Island Display supplied by DisplayCraft. The company specializes in designing, installing, and operating cost-effective transportation solutions at warehouses and distribution centers.

The rental island booth exhibited an industrial aesthetic with aluminum extrusion and wooden accents. Covering the 12′ tall structure, large visuals displayed the brand to the entirety of the hall. This open booth provided two primary presentation zones and two relaxed seating areas for informal meetings.


  • 20×30 Custom Rental Island Display
  • Aluminum extrusion system
  • Wood grain accents
  • Large graphic overlays
  • Reception area
  • Storage Cabinets
  • Large monitors for presentations
  • Casual meeting space

SHOW: ProMat
VENUE: McCormick Place Convention Center