20×20 island display | WubbaNub

WubbaNub is the original creator of the innovative pacifier-plush toy combination by entrepreneur and mom Carla Schneider. Their one-piece baby soother has made them a leader in the baby-product industry since 1999.

WubbaNub came to DisplayCraft with the need for a new custom 20×20 island display for the upcoming ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas. Their central vision is a small-town chic boutique/specialty shop resembling retailers carrying their products.

First, our team examined their overall needs, products, and selling styles to help develop the optimal trade show sales environment. With close collaboration during every step of the design process, this island display excelled in both form and function. Creating an environment that left a memorable experience to show attendees while reinforcing the Wubbanub brand.

A large 18′ x 18′ custom hanging fabric sign structure defines the space, adding visibility across the trade show floor. Large printed logos against a faux whitewashed brick background decorate the main sign structure. In addition, a two-toned cantilevered awning detail hangs below, mimicking the look of a boutique storefront.

Three sizeable rustic beadboard walls created room for product displays and a presentation area inside the exhibit space. In addition, a casual buffet provides further display surfaces and locked storage. The main exhibit components had a soft gloss white finish for a clean, modern appearance. Simple modern accent furniture pieces in a dark wood tone tastefully placed throughout the space created additional product display areas. Finally, large custom dark wood-toned frames with SEG fabric graphics leaned against the exterior walls—attractive photos of babies soothing themselves with WubbaNub’s pacifier-plush toy made entering the space irresistible.

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  • 20×20 island display
  • Simple modern design
  • Open concept
  • Tension fabric hanging sign with awning detail
  • SEG Graphics

SHOW: ABC Kids Expo
VENUE: Las Vegas