Exhibiting Tips & Advice

Tips for Successful Exhibiting

A company’s trade show exhibit is a 3-dimensional marketing vehicle and a vital part of an effective, integrated marketing mix. Since the chance to gain a potential customer’s attention passes quickly for a typical visitor (three seconds is all you get), the right booth design integrated with powerful messaging is [...]

Using A Specialty Display to Draw Attention to Your Booth

Creating excitement while delivering ROI on the trade show floor is one of the hardest tasks for event managers. There can be many reasons for low lead generation, most of the time it's opportunity. If giveaways and games are not getting the traffic you desire, creating a unique specialty display [...]

5 Tips for Designing Trade Show Graphics

K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple… well you know the rest, is one of the very first principles taught in design school, and one of the first to be forgotten. This rule is especially relevant when designing trade show graphics due to the vast real estate they offer. The main purpose for [...]

A Fresh Start

The nice thing about beginning a new year is that you can reinvent your aspirations. While you can certainly reset priorities and redefine your commitments at any time, doing so early in the year can provide new energy and strength. It’s an opportunity to start anew with bold ideas and [...]

Trade Show Exhibit Design Process

What To Look For... Build It and They Will Come But will they stay? Event marketing is all about what’s new. What have you shown me lately is the mantra of most every event attendee. They are expecting to be wowed with the latest and greatest. Last year’s model or [...]

Exhibit Leasing

LEASE. A Dirty Little Word or Little Known Advantage? There, we’ve said it. Lease your next exhibit. Now we’ve really said it! For many, the idea that you can lease an exhibit is either an ambiguous notion or is viewed as a less than desirable means of procurement. It is [...]

What You Should Expect From Your Exhibit Provider

Richard Seigars, President DisplayCraft, Inc. To some, the task of managing your company’s trade show and event marketing efforts may appear simple enough. Those who actually do it know that nothing could be further from the truth. The trade show business is fast paced and time-sensitive. Weakest link theory applies [...]

Evaluating Your Exhibit Provider

Questions YOU should be asking your EXHIBIT company { and yourself } “What is the overall experience level of your employees in the industry?” DisplayCraft has a seasoned team of exhibit professionals with experience ranging from a minimum of 7 years up to almost 40 years in the industry. We [...]