LEASE. A Dirty Little Word or Little Known Advantage?

There, we’ve said it. Lease your next exhibit. Now we’ve really said it!

For many, the idea that you can lease an exhibit is either an ambiguous notion or is viewed as a less than desirable means of procurement. It is sometimes equated to that of leasing home furniture.

Two things: Yes, it is a possibility and No, it’s not exactly like acquiring a velour recliner.

Exhibit architecture can be expensive. Designing and building a custom face-to-face marketing environment – an exhibit – often taxes the budget in ways that seem insurmountable. Companies often are under the impression that they must either reduce the expectations of what they can afford or raid other budgetary line items in order to achieve the exhibit that will perform best.

It is a commonly held belief that the two principle options for obtaining a new display are either an exhibit purchase or an exhibit rental (Stay tuned for future discussions on these two topics). Each has merit and there are pros and cons to be weighed in determining which of these solutions would best serve your particular circumstances and criteria. There is, however, a third choice, incorporating innumerable advantages that relieves the initial financial impact and opens the door to a level of design possibilities otherwise thought unattainable.

You guessed it: Lease. It’s not a dirty word nor will it be vague to you for long. The fact of the matter is that leasing an exhibit can be a sound business decision with impactful short and long term benefits.

In general terms, leasing offers you the ability to spread out the cost of a new exhibit over a predetermined period of time with set payments that offer affordability and consistency. Leases can be structured for the eventual purchase or non-purchase of exhibit material.

Many are structured with no down payment required though you may certainly provide one. Lease arrangement can be tailored to fit 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 month time frames.

With the many exhibit lease plans available today, the simplicity of the arrangements and the affordability of terms, exhibit leasing is a viable procurement option that any marketing professional would be wise to investigate. It is not a complicated process. There are 3 and 6 month deferred plans, plans with nothing down, plans that allow for a percentage down, etc. The scenarios are many.

One particularly attractive lease is the Bakers Dozen. With this option you essentially divide the purchase price by 12 and make one additional payment. That’s it.

There are numerous outside financial sources for leasing that you can avail yourself of. DisplayCraft recommends one firm we have a partnership with. Companies can lease through DisplayCraft at a lesser interest rate when certain conditions are met.

DisplayCraft has a Lease Quote Calculator that allows you to enter the sales price and then see what your payments would be based upon that amount and the duration of the lease.

Hopefully we’ve been able to shed some light on what leasing an exhibit looks like, demonstrated its viability and provided you with another avenue of consideration.

At the very least, you should now be able to go out and get that recliner with ease!