Questions YOU should be asking your EXHIBIT company { and yourself }

“What is the overall experience level of your employees in the industry?”

DisplayCraft has a seasoned team of exhibit professionals with experience ranging from a minimum of 7 years up to almost 40 years in the industry. We are seasoned, diligent and smart.

“What is the experience level of your team working together?”

More than 75% of the current staff has worked together at DisplayCraft for over 10 years. We are adroit at our jobs and work seamlessly with each other for maximum quality, efficiency and value.

“How long has your company been in business?”

DisplayCraft is a well-established and financially sound company that has been in business, continuously, for over 55 years. Our singular focus and area of expertise, the exhibit industry, remains undiluted.

“What type of graphic design & production services do you offer internally?”

Our design services include 3D creative, graphic design, architectural, construction, set up, industrial & engineering and complete in-house graphic production.

“What manufacturing capabilities does your facility provide internally?”

With our 90,000 sq. ft. facility, we offer full-service fabrication capabilities including carpentry, metalwork, paint, electrical, audio & visual technological applications and computer animation.

“How is your fabrication process modeled?”

Our fabrication methodology is based on quality, durability, ease of installation and storage efficiency. Ensuring that your investment will last for many years is paramount. We’re diligent about meeting budgets while imbedding quality into all of our products. Integrity drives our fabrication process.

“What type of crating do you use to protect my exhibit investment?”

Every crate for every exhibit is unique to the materials it houses and is built to endure the abuse of continuous shipping. DisplayCraft crates are designed and engineered in concert with your exhibit materials. Each is jigged to house and safeguard components individually. What’s in a crate? Your investment.

“Does your company have a process for efficiency?”

DisplayCraft has specific processes and procedures in place that are designed to ensure quality, service and economy. We operate in a continuous quality improvement (CQI) environment and constantly strive for sustained excellence.

“What flexibility and resources do you offer to your clients within your facility?”

We are flexible, nimble and easy to work with. Our clients can visit any time and often perform work here relative to installing their own products and equipment. We offer our clients use of our facility to set up their exhibits and products for photo shoots. Our house is your house.

“What size clients do you cater to? Will I be a small fish in a big pond?”

DisplayCraft is a mid-sized exhibit provider catering to companies ranging anywhere from small start-ups to large multi-divisional corporations. We are adept at working with clients of all sizes and intuitively understand the challenges of each. At DisplayCraft, all our clients are “big fish!”

“What type of support will I have and who can I reach if I have an issue or need?”

DisplayCraft is operated as a transparent organization. Our clients have the ability to speak with anyone involved in their projects. At any time. Headed by your Account Executive, you will have a dedicated team at your disposal 24/7. When we say 24/7 we mean 24/7.

“Do you handle show services and how are your vendor relationships?”

DisplayCraft has an entire department dedicated strictly to show services. We can order, coordinate and pay for your services. We offer the option to select your services à la carte or avail yourself of complete services management. We have decades-long vendor relationships with solid service providers in every facet of the industry. We understand that it’s all in the details.

“Do you have existing relationships and know-how to meet unique requests?”

Throughout the years DisplayCraft has been presented with multiple “out of the ordinary” concepts, both architecturally and services related. Your challenge becomes our mission. We always deliver and we always execute.

“Is your exhibit company conveniently located for your needs?”

DisplayCraft is centrally located in Plainville, CT, offering convenience throughout the Northeast and beyond. We encourage our clients to visit, view their properties and drop by at any time for any reason. We’re strategically located…and client focused.

“What level of trade show and event capabilities to do you have?”

We have significant breadth of experience producing corporate events, regional and national shows as well the ability to provide international capabilities. Our depth of staff talent, coupled with knowledge gained over years of successful trade show and event production gives us a significant capabilities edge.

“What are some examples of the strength/longevity of your client relationships?”

DisplayCraft currently maintains working relationships with clients whose programs have spanned, in some cases, 50 years with us. We have longevity with many, many clients. Our client base consists of a vast array of industries and various programs. We would be happy to provide you with a partial client list upon request. Our long term partnerships say more than we ever could.

“Are you satisfied with your current provider?”

It is our intent to generate a level of introspection as you consider your current exhibit provider and your satisfaction with them. We are not suggesting that the company you’re currently working with is anything other than competent. Our aim is not to disparage our competitors. Our primary purpose is to engage in a thoughtful discussion and be afforded the opportunity to compete for your business.