Exhibit Acquisition

DisplayCraft understands the value in having options. We realize that today’s marketing professionals require a myriad of choices when it comes to trade show exhibit acquisition. There can be budgetary constraints, amortization issues, flexibility concerns and other factors that may influence how you acquire exhibit materials.

Because of such divergent circumstances, we have created three distinct procurement solutions for our clients when considering how best to select and expense their exhibit properties.

Please keep in mind that the salient points mentioned within each option are just the more prominent attributes. Each option has a series of pros and cons that we can discuss in order to guide you to the scenario that makes the most sense for your particular exhibiting requirements.

Trade Show Exhibit Purchase

This is the most common form of acquiring an exhibit property. If you regularly exhibit at trade shows, it makes sense to own your exhibit properties. Studies indicate that three shows or more is typically the point at which it is financially prudent to own your exhibit properties.

The majority of your costs are up front (the purchase) and that value will depreciate over time and extended usage. A custom exhibit gives you total creative freedom in terms of design and construction. Exhibit system availability constrictions will not limit your choices. Costs may also be amortized over time for certain exhibit components.

Trade Show Exhibit Lease

Companies choose leasing for a variety of reasons. Leasing is based upon either the eventual purchase or non-purchase of the exhibit materials in mind. No down payment is required, fixed monthly payments are established and come out of pretax income. Another consideration is no realization of depreciation.

With leasing, you can upgrade exhibit components and peripherals (graphics, flooring, etc.) at minimal expense, as needed. At the conclusion, you may return the exhibit properties, purchase them outright or extend the lease.

Trade Show Rental

Generally speaking, trade show rentals make sense in situations where flexibility is critical and/or scheduling conflicts are prevalent. Where companies have little trade show participation or are unsure of a particular shows’ ROI, rental displays are a good solution. With very little up-front exhibit material expenditures, rentals can minimize your financial commitment..

There are also situations where a company that owns an exhibit determines that renting in a particular situation makes most sense for a one-time use. You may also change your “appearance” from show to show and eliminate all the logistics associated with owned-property coordination. You merely attend the event and leave at its conclusion.