Trade Show Services

DisplayCraft provides two standard service options as they relate to the preparation, execution, and management of client trade show services. The levels of service are tiered and designed to offer as much…or little…trade show support each of our client’s require. We essentially span the range from complete overall management to a series of exhibit service menu options that you can choose from to customize to your specific needs.

Think of it as an a la carte menu to choose from as you embark on the planning, coordination, and management of your trade show schedule. You may fine-tune and customize the services you avail yourself of as necessary and on a show-by-show basis.

The choices are yours. Isn’t that the point?

Complete Exhibit Program Management

The name says it all. Let DisplayCraft manage your entire exhibit program. This is a full turnkey option designed to relieve you of the multitudes of deadlines, tasks, and stress associated with trade show coordination. We’ll complete all forms, order everything, cut the checks, pay the vendors, and reconcile all invoices. We even provide you copies of original vendor invoices as supporting documentation.

It is not uncommon for us to catch, in a single invoice, errors that exceed our management fees.
DisplayCraft’s Complete Exhibit Program Management is transparency you can see.

A la Carte Exhibit Program Management

Within the A la Carte level of service there are two distinct menu options to select from:

Tier 1
This level includes everything that you’ll find with our Complete Exhibit Program Management but lets you determine those services for which you’d like us to make payment. We still order all your services. You simply tell us which services you’d like us to pay for and those services where you’d rather handle payment. We then thoroughly reconcile all invoicing where DisplayCraft has made payment.

Tier 2
Tier 2 offers the entire range of show services to you in a format that gives you total control. Here you determine not only which services you’d like us to order but also which services you want us to provide payment. You are afforded the opportunity to tailor every show to meet the varying requirements of each. As with Tier 1, we carefully reconcile all invoicing where DisplayCraft has made payment.

You determine the scope and areas of emphasis in which you require support. We’ll take care of the rest.

The choices are yours. Isn’t that the point?