Trade Show Exhibit Storage & Facilities

DisplayCraft has a state-of-the-art warehousing facility that we offer clients as part of our comprehensive exhibit services and trade show exhibit storage programs. From this location we are able to secure, manage and maintain our clients’ exhibit materials. We store and manage exhibit materials in numerous ways.

Here is a list of key storage facility features and policies.


DisplayCraft is centrally located in Connecticut’s northeast business corridor and is a full service facility with the following exhibit services and amenities:

90,000 sf.
Drive-Up Docks
Load-Level Docks
Staging & Prep Areas
24’ Ceiling Height for Exhibit Viewing
Exhibit Storage / Rack Storage
Climate Controlled
Alarmed & Secure Premises

Crated Trade Show Exhibit Material:

We have ample warehousing space for all your crated materials. By stacking your crated materials, we are able to realize economies of scale and provide savings in your storage fees.

Non-crated Trade Show Exhibit Material:

DisplayCraft also has space for non-crated exhibit materials. In the interest of getting the lowest possible total cubic foot amount, non-crated materials will be stacked on other same-client non-crated materials where safely possible. In situations where stacking is not possible, all efforts at consolidation will be undertaken.

Palleted Trade Show Exhibit Materials:

Palleted materials are stacked on same-client crated materials where safely possible to get the lowest possible total cubic foot amount. In all cases, we consolidate and minimize the “footprint” of your exhibit properties.

Racked Storage:

Pallets containing portable and modular cases, client material and literature are stored on racks. Racks for exhibit storage is available in two bin sizes: 54(w) x42(d) by varying height and 108(w) x42(d) by varying height. Once cubic feet is calculated, that number is then multiplied x 1.8 to arrive at the final cubic feet total for rate assessment.

Carpet Racks:

Racks are available in two bin sizes: 16x18x120 (20 cubic feet) and 25x24x120 (42 cubic feet) for storing carpet rolls. Once cubic feet is calculated, that number is then multiplied x 1.8 to arrive at the final cubic feet total for rate assessment.

Graphics Storage Racks:

Graphic Rack bins store loose graphics that lack permanent housing. Bins are available in two sizes: 23x25x48 (16 cubic feet) and 23x25x96 (32 cubic feet). The volume of the rack is multiplied x 4.0 to arrive at the final cubic feet total for rate assessment.

Raw Warehouse Space:

For those clients that have large amounts of exhibit material, particularly combinations of unlike types or those too unwieldy to stack or otherwise neatly consolidate, we offer designated “blocks” of space. The minimum initial amount is 10,000 cubic feet with increments of 5,000 cubic feet thereafter.

General Information Concerning Stored Materials

Our storage areas are heated and have fire suppression sprinklers. DisplayCraft, Inc. does insure against limited general liability due to loss or damage of client owned materials only while in our facility on a prorated basis. It is advisable that all client companies storing materials in our facility consult with their insurance carriers and have proper replacement cost coverage put in place.