Safer Office Solutions

As your company prepares for employees to come back to the office, you may be asking yourself some very important questions. How will we change our office space to promote social distancing so that it’s safer for employees? What can we do to create an environment where employees feel safe while also being productive?  How can we accomplish all of this within a limited time-frame?

DisplayCraft has specialized in environmental design for decades. We’re here to work with you as a partner to develop practical solutions for your office environment. Whether your office has an open space concept or utilizes  a cubicle based system, we can devise a plan to convert your existing floor plan into a safe working environment.

Workstation Dividers – Plexiglass Desk Divider

Do you need to adapt your open floor plan to create physical separation for staff? We can customize a solution that fits your overall needs and aesthetics. Our workstation dividers are a simple and modern solution for converting an open-concept office space into a safely divided work area. The desk divider frames are constructed of lightweight aluminum with clear Plexiglas panels that are easy to clean and disinfect. The color and finish can be customized to seamlessly blend within any office decor.

Portable Clear Protective Barrier Walls – Room Dividers

Our custom clear protective barrier wall is a versatile solution for open areas where people gather. They can be used as a room divider in reception and lobby areas, conference and meeting rooms, break rooms and cafeterias, or manufacturing areas where physical separation is required. They are constructed of a durable aluminum frame with a Plexiglas panel and are available with aluminum feet or casters for easy transport. We can customize to your specific size requirements, color, and finish.

Cubicle Dividers

If you have a cubicle based office system our cubicle dividers are a simple solution while also being cost-effective. They consist of a 6mm thick clear Plexiglas panel with PVC clamps. Custom sizes are available up to 95.5″w x 35.5″h to adapt to a wide variety of cubicle configurations. Quantity discounts are available making them a practical and cost-effective solution.

Hanging and Tabletop Plexiglass Sneeze Guards

Hanging sneeze guards and table-top sneeze guards are also an effective tool to maintain social distance while stopping the spread of germs and diseases. We offer a wide range of sizes and shapes to choose from for use on office desks, counters, or suspended from ceilings. We can also produce custom sizes if required. Sneeze guards are available in clear Plexiglas or custom printed versions. They are low cost and quantity discounts are also available.

We also carry a large selection of stock solutions for your office or retail environment. Contact a DisplayCraft representative to discuss your needs.